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AdviceMay 2020

"We take care of you ... Take care of others!"

Faced with COVID-19, in addition to our state-of-te-art equipments, our team has put in place “barrier” procedures to ensure everyone's well-being.

A. Our recommendations to prepare your arrival:

1. Postpone your appointment if you have had flu-like symptoms in the past 15 days or been in contact with a sick person!

2. Come alone (1 adult / child).

3. Respect the time of your appointment. Are you ahead? Notify our secretaries by phone (+32.2.675.81.00).

4. Wear your own mask in the waiting room.

5. Rub your hands with our hydro-alcoholic solutions available from the entrance, in the dedicated hygiene area.

6. Fill in the medical questionnaire which will be treated in accordance with medical confidentiality by our secretariat. Dentists are at the forefront of diagnosing certain signs of CORONAVIRUS. Note that if necessary, a frontal temperature measurement could be imposed.

7. Sit in one of our 6 waiting areas (physically separate) reserved for you.


B. Our procedures for treatment:

1. Your dentist will welcome you, as always, with a smile! CORONAVIRUS nevertheless requires that the team is immediately masked ... We have all the necessary personal protective equipment (FFP2 mask, visor, etc.).

2. You will not be installed directly in the same treatment room as the patient before you. The large size of our medical structure and our rigorous organization allow us to ensure a suitable shift between our treatment rooms which are fully disinfected and ventilated between each patient! The air is permanently sterilized there using medical devices combining (activated carbon filter + HEPA filters + UVC + Catalysts).

3. Put your mask in your pocket.

4. Perform the Isobetadine® mouthwash that will be prepared for you.

5. Let yourself go… treatment can begin.

6. At the end of the session, avoid using the spittoon as much as possible! Our team will get rid of the usual dikes, goggles and protective flaps.

7. Replace your personal mask.

8. When you join the secretariat, rub your hands with our hydro-alcoholic solutions available in the dedicated hygiene area.

9. At the secretariat, favor payments by Bancontact. The keyboard will be disinfected after each use.


C. What complementary initiatives can you take?

1. Brush your teeth at home ... Access to lavatories will be limited.

2. Never hesitate to consult if you think you have a dental problem ... but postpone comfort or non-essential treatments until later.


These transitional instructions are not set in stone and will be updated daily based on the recommendations of the health authorities.

Finally, note that the resumption of care is gradual. The whole team volunteers to ensure your oral health because ... 

"If CORONAVIRUS keeps us physically away, it certainly makes us more united!"

The Dentist Brussels team

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