A modern, welcoming facility

Treatment rooms

Operating room

Sterilisation room

Prosthesis laboratory

X-ray room

Training room

Treatment rooms

The DENTIST BRUSSELS clinic has 6 ultra modern treatment rooms to make your experience as soothing and as pleasant as possible.

Asepsis, high-tech, comfort are the key words when it came to designing this specialist dentist clinic.

Asepsis : Work surfaces are made using Corian, mixer taps which dispense soap and disinfectant are “touch free” and handle-free drawers open electronically.

High-tech : The rooms are equipped with microscopes, digital radiography equipment, optical impression cameras (no need to use putty), apex locators, electrotomes, photopolymerisation tools and more.

Comfort : Chairs are covered with soft memory foam which is ideal for patients with lower back pain.

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Operating room

The operating room is intended for surgical procedures including implant placements, sinus lifts, bone and gum grafts, wisdom teeth removal and more.

A hospital extraction system is installed to prevent any contamination, in addition to a powerful air filtration system.

The clinic’s staff has been trained to ensure particularly thorough knowledge of asepsis protocols. We use disposable sterile kits for all surgeries with strict hospital traceability.

Sterilisation room

The practice meets the strictest hygiene and traceability requirements.

The sterilisation chain includes:

  • An ultrasonic cleaner
  • A thermodisinfector
  • A packing machine for individual sterile bags
  • Class B autoclaves (2)

The clinic’s staff has been trained to ensure particularly thorough knowledge of asepsis protocols.

We use disposable sterile kits for all surgeries with strict hospital traceability.

Prosthesis laboratory

The DENTIST BRUSSELS clinic has its own integrated laboratory.

Dentists at the clinic work closely with laboratory technicians to ensure a high quality service, with every stage of the process carried out on site.

For most patients, removing a dental prosthesis is uncomfortable and leaving the clinic without a dental prosthesis is unthinkable. That’s why our laboratory offers a fast, responsive and convenient service: prostheses are repaired in a few hours, rebasing is carried out within a day.

The practice uses CAD-CAM systems, optical impressions (no need to use putty), 3D design software and 3D printers.

X-ray room

The DENTIST BRUSSELS clinic is equipped with the very latest radiological equipment:

  • 2D digital imaging to diagnose tooth decay and other issues
  • 3D digital imaging (Cone Beam CT, dental scanner) to analyse bone structure, sinuses and more

Using our tools for analysis and planning, we can simulate extractions, implant placement and bone grafts, among other procedures.

Using X-ray images from the 3D dental scanner (Dentascan/Cone Beam CT), our implantologists can create surgical guides. These resin guides are printed in 3D in our internal laboratory to ensure the safe placement of the most complex implant cases.

Training room

Most of the dentists at the DENTIST BRUSSELS clinic provide practical training at UCL in Brussels or for post-graduate courses.

All our dentists specialise in one area of dentistry.

Conferences and practical work, related to our dentists’ various specialties, are held on a regular basis in our training centre.

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Our experienced team welcomes you to a modern, inviting facility. The design of the office fits the strictest requirements in terms of sterilization and traceability.

The clinic has six treatment rooms, a sterilisation room, a 3D X-ray (scanner) room, its own prosthesis laboratory and a training room. The operating room has been specifically designed for surgeries including implant placements, sinus lifts, bone grafts and more.

To ensure that your visit to the dentist is a pleasant experience, we have created a wide range of waiting rooms to suit your mood: Coffee corner, iPad bar, reading room, PlayStation room (for teens), magic hut (for young children).

Waiting rooms

State-of-the-art equipment

Cone Beam CT

Digital impression

3D printer

Electronic anaesthetic

Dental microscope

Electronic imaging

Dentist Brussels equipment Cone Beam CT

Cone Beam CT

Our 3D X-ray scanner is used to analyse bone volume and anatomical structures.

Dentascan is an essential tool for:

  • pre-implant planning
  • removing impacted wisdom teeth
  • analysis of intraosseous lesions (fractures, cysts at the root tip, etc).
Dentist Brussels Digital impression

Digital impression

No more sticky putty...

The practice has been a fervent and pioneering advocate for technology since 2010 and uses the latest technologies for digital impressions.

The 100% digital workflow begins with a wireless 3D camera which reproduces dental surfaces in colour.

Your prosthetic reconstruction is created using a computer by our dental technicians, before it is milled by hi-tech machines.

Models are printed in resin in our laboratory, using our 3D dental printer.

Dentist Brussels 3D printer

3D printer

The practice has its own integrated prosthesis laboratory. Our dental technicians and specialist dentists use 3D dental planning and design software every day.

With our 3D dental printer, we can print the following items in resin:

  • Dental models
  • Surgical and implant guides
  • Mouthguards (teeth grinding, sport, etc.)
  • Temporary restorations

The accuracy of digital printing (25 microns) makes it significantly more precise than traditional prosthetic techniques.

Dentist Brussels Electronic anaesthetic

Electronic anaesthetic

No need to worry about needles!

The practice uses an anaesthetic system with electronic injection management.

This offers instant anaesthetic and a more targeted sensation of numbness. Patients can hardly feel the anaesthetic being injected with QuickSleeper.

Both children and adults can benefit from this significant technological development in modern dentistry.

Dentist Brussels Dental microscope

Dental microscope

Taking a good look at the roots: it can be done!

Dental treatments require precision. To be precise, dentists must be able to see what they’re doing!

That’s why our team systematically provides treatment under optical magnification. We work using dental magnifying lenses and microscopes.

We also use cameras to film inside the roots of your teeth so that we can show you any particular issues (cracks, infections, etc.).

Dentist Brussels Electronic imaging

Electronic imaging

Our latest generation 2D and 3D digital radiography devices reduce X-ray emissions by more than 70%.

We use our surgical planning software to assess all bone, mucous and anatomical structures.

We always use a computer for the precise simulation of implant placement. The printing of surgical guides in our own prosthesis laboratory ensures perfectly secure implant positioning, even in the most complex situations.

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